Azealia Banks’ Sextape With Fiance Sells For $17K on Blockchain

Azealia Banks’ audio sex tape with fiancee Ryder Ripps sold for more than $17,000 on the blockchain. Now, Azealia explains her reasoning behind selling the NFT.

Apparently, Azealia Banks and her fiancee, Ryder Ripps, recorded a sex tape to upload to the blockchain. The end goal was to sell the tape as an NFT which is a non-fungible token. Basically, the idea is that you can own a piece of “digital art” – i.e. a meme, GIF, video, piece of text, etc, as a crypto token. Buying an NFT, such as Azealia Banks’ sex tape with Ryder Ripps, gives the buyer ownership over the item; which itself has cache.

Now, Banks and her man’s sex tape is reported to have sold for more than $17,000. Initially, it was going for around $16,000. The buyer is reportedly Rulton Fyder, who purchased it for the asking price– 10.00 ETH, or $17,240.40. Therefore, Fyder now in full ownership of the audio; as well as rights for distribution and display.

Following the sale, Azealia Banks went to her Instagram story to further explain her opinion on the crypto world; and why she chose to sell a sex tape, as well as congratulate her lover on their sale.

“Literally- the most expensive NFT ever,” she revealed in the caption. “Dont you love how We came saw and conquered this shit in a matter of 48hrs? The fucking iconnery @ryder_ripps.”

In her stories, she starts with a message on why she feels like “this crypto shit is a scam.”

Continuing in another story, she spoke directly on the selling of her audio sex tape; explaining why she did it. Azealia basically reasons that the value of sex will remain high 100 years from now; while the value of “your goofy 3D cherubs,” for example, will evaporate. From there, she spirals into democratizing food.