Vegas WINNERS Launches Loyalty Rewards and Cryptocurrency Initiative

Image source: Shutterstock

Winners Inc subsidiary VegasWINNERS IncProviding content, analysis, research, data, guidance and expert advice to sports betting enthusiasts this week announced the launch of new loyalty rewards and cryptocurrencies. Includes loyalty system and cryptocurrency redemption marketplace.

Points are earned based on interactions on the Vegas WINNERS and Krush House websites, or other websites based on predefined actions and rewards. It can then be converted to the tokenized currency KrushCoin using the blockchain network.

All Krush Coin users use the wallet assigned by Krush Coin Exchange. The points system allows Vegas WINNERS to monitor interactions with the website and set a point value for each action.

Five billion KrushCoin tokens will be created and held in a marketplace-managed wallet. This will create a new wallet for each user. Within the wallet, users can convert points to Krush Coins, initially allowing gifts or transfers between wallet owners in the marketplace.

CEO Wayne Arin Route “We are delighted to be able to offer this kind of program for the first time. All of our business is about sports game analysis and advice, and sports bettors are inherently high tech and risk takers. They are cryptocurrencies. We are early adopting new ways to do business like this, and we hope this will benefit sports betting consumers and potential business partners in this fast-growing industry. “