Best Crypto Exchanges of September 2021

With the help of a crypto exchange, you can purchase and sell cryptocurrencies. For example, you can convert Bitcoin to Litecoin or buy crypto using regular currency such as the U.S. Dollar. However, exchanges also affect the current market rates of the cryptocurrencies. You can exchange crypto online for cash, which can be left in your account or withdrawn to a regular bank account. 

Cryptocurrency exchanges are the only way to purchase or sell digital assets such as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Digital currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and dogecoin can be bought or sold using these online services similar to stockbrokers. You can easily buy and sell currencies with minimal fees at the best crypto exchanges. 

Consider supported currencies, pricing changes, and withdrawal options when picking the best crypto exchange for your needs. That’s what we did when compiling this list of the best crypto exchanges. Discover which crypto exchange is suitable for you by reading on.  


Likely, you’re already familiar with Coinbase if you’re getting into crypto. Additionally, Coinbase Pro, Coinbase’s robust exchange, has a reputation for being one of the largest and safest platforms available. Coinbase lowers the barrier for cryptocurrency investment with its user-friendly exchange, which is typically seen as complicated. Coinbase provides you custodial wallets that are insured. These are so that the investors and traders can also store their investments. Coinbase also offers a free version called Coinbase Pro, with a different low fee structure and more options. 


  • Provides a lot of altcoin choices 
  • Very simple and easy for beginners 
  • Super secure and has a high rating  


  • User cannot control wallet keys  
  • It has a high fee unless you’re using Coinbase Pro 


An exchange run by Binance in the United States shares many of its parent company’s strengths, including industry-low fees and a wide range of cryptos available to trade. With Binance.US, the casual crypto enthusiast can purchase, sell and transform tradable cryptocurrencies using a simple form-based platform. Many trading order types are available for advanced users to benefit from, including limit, market, and stop-limit. Two powerful trading dashboards provide a wealth of information, such as the current spot price and 24-hour high and low trading volumes. 


  • Less fee 
  • A lot of cryptocurrencies are available for exchanges 
  • Outstanding ranking and reviews  


  • Fewer coin options 
  • Not available in most of the states 
  • Made for more advanced users 


KuCoin offers a variety of altcoins and has one of the lowest trading fees on the market. Account fees are not needed for the first year. However, the withdrawn prices are a bit similar to other exchanges. KuCoin has so many features that others don’t have. 


  • Less fee with a lot of tradeable cryptos 
  • Automated trade is available  
  • If you pay through KuCoin, your trading fee will be decreased by 20% 


  • Trading isn’t based on fiat currency 
  • Complicated for beginners  


Similar to Venmo and Monero, Cash App allows users to send money to each other. A user can use Cash App to split meals with friends, pay rent to a roommate, or even do online shopping at a shop that accepts it. This means that users have their own Cash App debit cards that act as bank account, and you can use xmr to BTC converter if you want to get bitcoins from your cash which is ideal for first-time investors. 


  • You can transfer money to a friend 
  • Withdraw bitcoin
  • Very simple to use 


  • Cannot support any other cryptocurrencies  
  • Charges 3% while sending money